Spectacles 2 (Nico) – Water Resistant Camera Glasses

  • HD VIDEO & PHOTO: Just press the button to take a 10-second video from your perspective. Press again to keep recording. Press and hold to snap a photo.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Spectacles are water resistant camera glasses, made to survive snow and rain — you can even take a photo or video under shallow water!
  • SYNC & SHARE ANYWHERE: When your phone’s nearby, Spectacles sync wirelessly with Snapchat. Share your favorite moments with friends in circular, square, or widescreen format on your favorite platform — including Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, and more.
  • POLARIZED LENSES: The lenses for Spectacles 2 (Nico) are tinted and polarized to provide 100% UVA & UVB protection. They also reduce a high degree of sun glare (Lens Category 3).
  • USB CHARGING: Spectacles 2 (Nico) can capture and sync over 70 videos on a single charge. Recharge them from any standard USB source with the included Charging Cable.